Client Testimonials

Meridian values the feedback we receive from our clients. It enables us to grow as a company, and to continue our commitment to providing the kind of customer service that turns clients into partners. Every relationship we build with a client teaches us something new, and helps us improve.

We communicate with our clients on a regular basis to gather feedback, and when we discuss working relationships, we hear phrases such as “reliable and consistent.” Clients mention that our customer service approach creates a “mom and pop” feeling that is supported by professional response and accuracy.

“Efficient and caring” describes how clients feel about our operation. This ties in closely with our experience, and the fact that we have been in business for 15 years. “Dependability” and “excellent speed of service” surfaces in many of our client discussions, words and phrases we are proud to hear.

We have found that providing clients with ongoing information and updates about their accounts is necessary in our pursuit of excellent customer service. This is why we invest time and resources into our communication tools. Clients can access our system via a password-protected, encrypted portal to see the status of their billing and collection services. Face-to-face meetings, either in person or via V-conference are one of our preferred ways to communicate new ideas and strategies.

Meridian is proud of the feedback we receive from clients, and we use it to grow responsibly as a company. Customer service allows our employees to build lasting relationships with our customers, and these conversations help Meridian continue to improve.

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