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Billing for a medical practice is its lifeblood. If the billing is mishandled or performed improperly, severe financial crisis will result. At the same time, a physician’s practice is focused on ensuring every patient receives the proper care and medical attention. The challenge is to find a billing service that is competent and knowledgeable, so the practice of healing can take center stage.

We have successfully handled medical billing for many different specialties for over 15 years. Our work is accurate and is complemented by superior customer service.  Every Meridian employee knows the value of the service we provide and we invest the time and resources in our team members to make sure they handle your billing accurately and professionally. When you work with Meridian, you are not hiring another vendor; you are gaining a partner that cares about your patients and your financial health.

We use software written by our in-house team with over 40 years of combined experience with medical billing. It is highly tailored to physician billing and has built-in flexibility to allow Meridian to quickly adapt to your needs and industry changes. The system is fully backed up by remote servers, and our equipment is constantly updated.  In order to ensure our high level of service, all employees must undergo thorough training on the software. We have found that providing clients with ongoing information and updates about their accounts builds trust. You’ll be given access to our system through a secure WEB portal for online access to your accounts, billing, and collection data.

Meridian understands that rapid and accurate claim submission is vital to a healthy cash flow. We achieve a high degree of accuracy to reduce rejections, and eligible claims are electronically submitted for quick reimbursement. Submitted claims are carefully tracked until they are fully resolved.  Unpaid and denied claims are thoroughly investigated and are submitted to exhaustive investigations and appeals.  We take the time to discover and understand why claims are not paid and share this information with your patients and use it to provide guidance to your physicians.

To further improve your cash flow, we accept electronic remittance advices (ERA) and electronic funds transfer (EFT).  EFT is the process where the insurance company deposits your remittance directly into your bank account. This process eliminates the lag waiting for your funds to reach your lockbox while also eliminating the additional time Meridian waits to receive the copies for posting, allowing Meridian to balance bill secondary carriers and patients quickly, increasing your cash flow. Since we only use EFTs and lock-box processes, your funds are available to you as soon as deposited, and the chance of mishandled, or stolen, funds is virtually eliminated since Meridian never handles your checks or cash.

Meridian can negotiate with insurance carriers on your behalf for maximum reimbursement. Many physicians’ offices do not realize that insurance fee schedules are negotiable.  Meridian can help secure market value for the services you provide and we work to force carriers to expand the services they cover for your practice so more of your services qualify for reimbursement. This service is included in your billing fee.

Trusting your billing services to an outside service can be a complicated decision. Meridian will sit down with you and discuss our services, and answer all of your questions. That’s what a reliable partner does.

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