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A medical practice is ethically bound to provide its patients with the finest care.  This is only possible when the practice operates efficiently and remains on sound financial footing.  As the healthcare industry becomes more complex through increasing government regulations, coding, and carrier fee schedule updates, regulatory compliance, coding expertise,  and collections play crucial roles in the successful future of a medical practice.

Meridian Financial Management, Inc. (Meridian) has been the cornerstone of many highly successful physicians’ practices for over 23 years. Our talented, capable, and motivated staff and management are committed to ensuring every client receives the maximum possible reimbursement.  From accurate medical coding and billing, carrier negotiations, customer service and collections, our employees are dedicated to providing exquisite service, right down to the finest detail.

The services we provide our clients, from accurate coding to negotiation with insurance companies – are delivered by devoted employees who pledge to provide excellent customer service. We continually analyze the performance and quality of these services through our internal systems and operations so they remain relevant to present industry conditions. This monitoring prevents losing reimbursements and mishandling funds, and makes certain that Meridian operates at peak efficiency.

We relish the opportunity to personally serve your patients. Our employees are trained to compassionately communicate with patients and listen to them. We won’t leave them on hold longer than a minute or ever use a disrespectful tone, no matter the circumstances.  Our communication commitments represent the importance we place on our interaction with your patients.

All the services we provide are performed in-house. We never contract out our responsibilities and commitments to on-shore or off-shore subcontractors and organizations. Everything your practice requires is performed within the walls of Meridian’s offices, making us directly available and accountable to you. You’ll find that this saves you time and money, and keeps our level of service and quality at the highest possible levels.

With Meridian handling your billing, the full focus of your physicians, nurses, and technicians can be concentrated on your patients. We fully understand and appreciate the relationship and trust that you’ve earned from your patients. It’s why we commit ourselves to collecting every dollar you’ve earned.  With Meridian making it easy for your practice to stay profitable, your physicians can relax and focus on their patients’ care.

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