Medical Collection Services

Treating, documenting and the initial billing of a patient visit is only the first step in the medical process, collecting the money owed is just as important. If you are looking for a collection service that is accurate and knowledgeable of the health insurance industry, Meridian is the answer. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience in the collection field, and our employees are highly trained and accurate.

Meridian is unique in the fact that we have a pre-collection service that includes follow up and management of the patient and the insurance carrier receivables. Claims and patient bills are not submitted and then forgotten until they are are referred to an outside receivables agency. Our attention to detail increases your cash flow while ensuring that you are not gouged for additional fees

When it comes to collections, we are licensed in the state of Maryland, and this allows us to engage in collection agency functions. This service is already included in the fees we bill to our clients, so you will not be surprised by additional charges. As an added layer of securing collection, we report directly to Equifax Information Systems. Reported delinquent accounts act as negative marks against a patient’s credit score and makes securing credit more difficult. In order to correct their credit standing, patients with delinquent accounts must pay their balance in full.

The Meridian staff that comprises our collection department is fully aware of how important their services are to our clients. We invest time and money in every one of our employees and they receive training from experts in the field. Meridian feels that equipping our collections staff with the proper knowledge and technology brings excellent results.

Supporting our collection employees is a dynamic management team that has an average of 15 years of experience in the industry. Our managers provide ongoing guidance and insight to help our employees achieve better collection results, so your practice is properly reimbursed.

The collection service is backed by a robust software system and reporting tools that produce easy to read collection statements. Of course, we can create virtually any report for our clients, and customize collection and financial statements.

Effective collection services allow medical practices to grow and thrive, and at the same time, focus on the care and health of their patients. The Meridian collection team values accuracy and timeliness, and realizes that they play a crucial role in the livelihood of your company. Trust Meridian with your collection services, we take care of our partners.

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