What Makes Meridian Different

The medical billing services industry is extremely competitive, and companies are quick to offer discounted services and special deals as differentiators. Meridian differentiates itself from the competition through our quality services that are backed by industry experience, knowledge of the medical billing field, and superior customer service. We do not hide fees through outside sources such as collection agencies and receivables companies.

Personalized Services

Meridian’s team of dedicated professionals combines the attention clients would receive from a “mom and pop” organization with the professionalism and services associated with a Fortune 500 organization. Our staff is reliable, consistent, and knowledgeable, which makes them easy to work with. We realize the value of the doctor-patient relationship, and strive to treat both parties with care and concern. We employee English and Spanish speaking representatives to ensure every patient receives the same high level of customer service.


With over 15 years of medical billing and coding experience, Meridian offers our clients reliable professional direction that increases a practice’s reimbursement rate. Continually researching market trends and industry changes, Meridian keeps clients abreast of situations that could affect their practice. We also provide professional data analysis based on our experience to assist practices considering changes to their policies and processes. Internal audits, performed by certified on-site auditors, ensure all information and data is accurate and timely.

One-Stop-Shop / A La Carte Services

Meridian offers its clients a one-stop-shop for their entire medical billing and financial needs. These services range from billing and coding to full service collections and accounting services. Customized reporting and reports are provided with every service, so clients can immediately see what is happening in their practice and adjust accordingly. Meridian also offers their services a la carte, to ensure their clients receive the exact services they require.


We make it our mission to clearly communicate to our clients the best recommended practices for their medical billing and coding needs. Meridian has been, and always will be, completely transparent in our internal processes. Regular face-to-face or virtual conference meetings and training sessions with clients are part of our strategy to ensure clients are educated about our services, and can understand our processes and how they work.

Insurance Company Negotiations

Most practices are unaware that insurance fee schedules are negotiable; this is why Meridian actively pursues negotiations with insurance companies. The result ensures our clients receive appropriate payment for services they render. Additionally, Meridian works closely with insurance companies and patients to appeal denied services, in an effort to ensure the services you render are paid. This relationship helps improve doctor- patient relationships while recouping the maximum amount of money directly from the carrier.

Billing Structure

Meridian billing is based on a percentage of net dollars collected for our clients. Meridian bonuses all employees based on the true net profit of Meridian. This approach encourages every one of our employees to ensure the success of our clients.

Domestic Based

Meridian has always been a domestic based organization. This approach allows us to provide the highest possible quality and communication to our clients. It also allows Meridian to exercise quality control over every service we perform.

Meridian offers a number of services for medical practices.
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