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Meridian offers dependable, affordable services for medical practices. Our dedicated employees have years of experience, and are supported by a seasoned management team. We perform each service in an accurate, professional manner that is complimented by sterling customer service.

Medical Billing
We own and manage our proprietary, in house, system that allows us to customize the billing and reporting for each client. The submission of a claim for insured patients and bills sent to uninsured patients is only the first step. Our staff follows up on every claim and manages the patient and insurance carrier receivables. In the event that a claim is rejected, we allocate the necessary resources to find out what has transpired – we appeal and  get the claim resolved appropriately!

We are a licensed collection agency in the state of Maryland and report directly to Equifax Information Systems. Pre-collection and collection agency functions provided by Meridian are included in our Medical Billing fee. There are no additional costs charged, like other medical billing practices.

Medical Records Coding
We can accurately code your medical records to maximize your reimbursement and compliance. We will analyze your medical records and claims to assist you in correcting documentation errors, improper coding, and other issues that lead to rejected claims and delayed reimbursement. Training is offered for physicians and their staff using CMS/HIPAA guidelines. Our Coders are a combination of Certified Professional Coders, Certified Professional Medical Auditors and Certified Coding Specialist-Physician Based coders who critique, code and monitor reimbursement practices for the services our clients render.

Regulatory Compliance
Meridian is HIPAA compliant and we maintain HIPAA agreements with all clients.  We have an on-staff certified privacy expert and can assist you in becoming or maintaining your regulatory compliance with both CMS and HIPAA.

Accounting services
Budgeting and practice management reporting, Payroll and benefits administration, Accounts payable services, General ledger posting, Bank reconciliation; all services up to the point of a Certified Public Accountant.

Meridian offers a number of services for medical practices.
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