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Meridian has been helping physicians of many different specialties improve the accuracy of their coding for more than a decade. Improper and inaccurate medical coding accounts for a great deal of lost income in medical practices of every size. Meridian’s coding services can increase your income by ensuring your services are coded accurately, therefore; maximizing your reimbursement while maintaining your coding within CMS guidelines.

We will audit your practice’s records, taking particular note of physician documentation errors, omissions, inefficiencies, and improper code usage. We use our findings to educate your physicians and staff in proper documentation and coding through training sessions at your offices. Members of Meridian’s Certified Coding Staff conduct the sessions and the curriculum is tailored to address the challenges faced by your practice.

In addition to complying with CMS/HIPAA regulations, accurate coding translates directly to accurate billing and collection.  With better coded encounters expediting the billing process, and insurance carriers reimburse quicker. Proper coding allows you to easily identify, and better market your more profitable procedures and services. This also contributes to a healthy, consistent cash flow.

By correcting problems at the source, Meridian is able to improve collections and regulatory and financial audit results. Once the training has been complete, Meridian is always available to answer questions and provide additional assistance.

Work with a team of coding experts who invest the time and instruct your staff, answer questions, and lend support, as it is needed. Meridian takes the mystery out of medical coding.

Meridian offers a number of services for medical practices.
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